Buying a commercial property is a great way to enhance your investment portfolio, generate regular cash flow, and become your own boss. Whether you are looking to grow an expanding business property portfolio or you are just starting out, a commercial mortgage is essential.

Benefits of Buying Commercial Properties

There are plenty of good reasons to acquire commercial properties. Commercial properties can help you:

1. Generate monthly cash flow

Owning a commercial building, and becoming a landlord to a single business or a variety of businesses, is a great way to create a monthly cash flow for yourself. These payments can be used to offset your commercial mortgage payments and help to grow your equity.

Commercial property mortgages often have interest rates that are lower than other kinds of unsecured loans. Making regular payments at a lower rate of interest will pay down your commercial mortgage in a timely way, with payments reducing your principal over time.

2. Take advantage of lower interest rates

3. Retain ownership of your property

Owning a commercial property will allow you to maintain complete control and ownership. You will not be subjected to the decisions of a Board or a group of shareholders. Retaining ownership will also allow you to renovate, upgrade, or adjust the building as you see fit to enhance your commercial property’s value.

Commercial Investment Opportunities

Whether you are interested in a multi-unit residential building, a 5-plex or something larger, a commercial plaza, or a small commercial building, there are plenty of good opportunities on the market.

According to the CBRE, the Canadian commercial real estate market has been defined by declining vacancy rates, accelerating rental rate growth, rising property values, and increasing capital allocations for real estate. This makes purchasing a commercial property an excellent investment.

In order to get the ball rolling, you need to ensure that your commercial mortgage paperwork is customized to meet your needs and meet approval. You want to work with a professional who can help you understand the terms, the risks, and the necessary requirements.

How Fran Can Help

“Buying a commercial property is an exciting venture that can help you generate income and keep you at the helm of future business decisions. There are lots of great options on the market and I can help you successfully apply for the right commercial mortgage.”

Purchasing a commercial property offers many possibilities and benefits, but it can be tricky to navigate all the steps of acquiring a commercial mortgage. You want to work with someone who will help you understand the best options, so you can make the right choices. Fran will help you determine the best commercial mortgage for your needs.